Gilbert Starleigh

Gilbert Starleigh Is An Advocate For People Choosing A Life Path After Incarceration.

An underrepresented group in society are people who have been incarcerated and who are attempting to make a fresh start in life. There are many things in the way of success and Gilbert Starleigh works hard to be an effective minister and advocate for these people. Gilbert Starleigh has been on this path long enough that he has seen those he helped grow to productive members of society across Florida. Gilbert Starleigh works full time as the General Manager at Gary Mouton Auto CTR of Tallahassee FL when he is not working to help the underrepresented in the area.

Gilbert Starleigh Knows That All Of Society Improves When You Help People Attain Skill Sets For Life and Employment.

So many times men are released from the Florida Department of Corrections with little to no new skills, and a big X on their name because they were incarcerated. This leads to repeat offenses for some because they have few options for survival otherwise. Gilbert Starleigh works as an official volunteer minister within the system and with those who get out and want to lead a productive remainder of their lives on a new path. Imagine the plight of a newly released person with no job, no home, and no skills to get either without the aid of someone who cares. It is a clear path to homelessness. Gilbert Starleigh works with various organizations to prevent this.

 Gilbert Starleigh has worked for over twelve years with the Good News Outreach. If you have heard of Mercy Homes then you know the good work many people across the state do to ensure that there is a safe transition to those who need or want one after incarceration. People needs items like soap, food, clothing, and they need ministry and aid when it comes to career and life choices that will set them on a brighter future than they held before their time in the state prison system.

Gilbert Starleigh’s efforts make a direct impact on the lives of those who feel helpless and lost. Gilbert Starleigh not only aids those who need it, he also teaches other community leaders about the steps they can take to aid. He is the director of Second Chance Ministries at Fellowship Baptist Church in Tallahassee, but does not limit his work to there. Gilbert Starleigh can sell you a reliable car, sit down and chat with you about God, or get his hands dirty working to ensure you have every chance for success from a stable starting point no matter where you were a week ago, because that is what the ministry is all about.

If you want more information about the work Gilbert Starleigh is doing for the community or his prison ministry for Florida DOC as a registered minister, check out his blog and keep up with the latest initiatives.

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